HDBdirect is Singapore’s first and only free-to-use HDB dedicated platform

HDBdirect aspires to challenge the need of paying to list your property.

We aim to bring about change, with your help, by building a community where a free-to-use platform is available for all.

This community will allow direct homeowners and property professionals to search, list, chat and shortlist their properties. We make negotiations and transactions simpler and faster. With no hidden costs, HDBdirect gives you the freedom to personalize and manage your listings by uploading videos, photos and sharing them to your preferred social media!

Artistic and visually appropriate posts can have the chance of being featured for free!

As a direct home owner, you can opt to work with a property professional or you can transact directly within the community. We understand that you will need help in pricing your property competitively for sale or rent.

Share our site and email us!We will provide one comprehensive property report (worth $88) for every successful listing.

If you are a property professional, our platform allows you to post your listing for free and interact freely within our community to widen your network and have free access to property information.

Buying, selling & renting property through HDB Direct by yourself also got simpler. It’s no longer a big task for the buyers or sellers to represent themselves. HDBdirect is all about aiding you and making your way to easier buy, sell or renting of your HDB property in Singapore.  The platform is designed to help any HDB home owner or property professionals  to list your property.

For those who require adminstrative assistance, we will refer you to our panel of property professionals.

HDBdirect will not be compensated in this process and 100% of your fees will be passed on to your designated property professional. Our platform also provides an option for your  loan or refinancing need.

Help us build our community to enjoy continuous free usage of our very own HDB centric platform.

How to

Buying or selling your HDB property in Singapore just got simpler, be it professional or direct home owners, all you need is a reliable platform like HDBdirect. We believe that such information should be available freely, so that everyone benefits. This platform is also designed to help you interact freely among our community members via our chat function on our apps.